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Continuous Global Support Initiative Limited is duly registered with CAC under the COMPANIES AND ALLIED AND MATTERS ACT 1990 and also with other relevant government bodies to carry out business in different fields and capacity in Nigeria. But we are poised to focus our attention on our main purpose and objective which is an empowerment  based membership program. 

Our trade name is Continuous Global Support Initiative (CGSI) and our primary objective is to bring people out of poverty. We are a purpose driven organization that will not only carter for our participants but the less privileged in different capacity, the downtrodden, the IDPs, the aged, building infrastructures for communities in need, training in different skills and many more. We are set to carry out a whole lot of life changing activities especially to our participants.

We have a team of seasoned multi-level marketers who have been into this form of marketing system over the years. We are here with a sole purpose objective of serving you better and with an experience that no one can compete with.

From the beginning, our dream has always been to offer the best services obtainable. If we succeed it’s because all of us at CGSI share the same dream.


The founder of CGSI is a seasoned Nigerian professional who has distinguished himself in the area of professional calling. Building on a solid foundation, the organization is made up of strong and dynamic marketers, an efficient management team and a result oriented workforce.


All professionals work collectively to achieve set goals and targets and are also committed to excellence. The highly qualified and experienced persons are dedicated to render quality services to our participants at all times.


Our reputation is based on our capacity to implement our promises and achieve our set goals. The highest level of expertise, future-oriented and innovative know-how and excellence internal structure enable us to give satisfaction to all our participants and the downtrodden. That’s why our structure is so apt with just five straight stages, from Stage 1 to Stage 5 so that our participants can get their rewards and incentives on time.


With the CGSI team concept, we offer our participants a performance spectrum consisting of a concise Matrix system with only 5 stages. The results shall be in no doubt encouraging to our participants and those we render humanitarian services to and other observers attest to our second-to-none quality performance and timely delivery status in the industry.


Our quality assurance executive shall ensure that quality is being measured and our participants’ feedback is been received, recorded and acted upon immediately. This will result in continuous improvement of CGSI, our participants, those we reach out to and our standard. He will regularly review and audit all activities and procedures.


Our activities are focus on satisfying our participants’ warranted demands and expectations. As part of our strategies and objective in CGSI, we openly communicate information and our experiences to our participants. In order to meet our objectives, we put emphasis on efficient and competent marketing strategies. We promote CGSI knowledge of professional development and training, support personal development of participants and provide adequate information. Our participants actively inform themselves, they match their personal interest with CGSI objectives and regards CGSI objective as prior.


We respect the human rights and promote common welfare. We observe the existing laws and recognize the rules of fair competition. We are aware of our environmental responsibility. While performing our duties we strive for the reduction of noisy gathering and air pollution.


With CGSI it can only get better.




Continuous Global Support Initiative (CGSI)